Corporate Sponsorship

House Sponsorship

The ultimate in corporate assistance to HfHCC’s low‑income building program is funding and building a Habitat house. Ideally, the corporation would donate, completely fund or solicit all the necessary building materials for the specified house. Volunteers from the corporation would be the primary work crew involved in the construction of the house. Variations on this option would include just financial support for construction of a complete house, or joining with another corporation in a partnership where each company would fund one‑half of the house.

Event Sponsorship

From time to time, Habitat sponsors events to raise funds to meet operating costs and purchase supplies. Companies can assist with such programs by agreeing to underwrite an event. Such sponsorships represent the opportunity for associated marketing and public relations. An event sponsor is asked to meet the budgeted out‑of‑pocket expenses involved with the event or a specific component of the event’s budget. In turn, the firm is listed in all event publicity as a sponsor.

If you have questions about becoming a sponsor or to make your donation by other means, please contact:

Liz Price
610-384-7993, x16

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