Build a House...Build a Dream Youth Activity/Information Interest Form

The Build a House…Build a Dream event is a great opportunity for local youth organizations and family-friendly businesses to be seen by over 200 families in Chester County and surrounding areas. We are looking for interested organizations that would be willing to bring an activity for students ages 5-15 that can be easily set up and transported. We are also offering spaces for these organizations to bring information to promote their youth offerings. Please keep in mind we are not allowed to let participants sell any products or services during the event. Summer camps, family-focused activities like bowling or trampoline parks, youth organizations like Boy Scouts of America are all ideal examples of organizations that we would like to highlight at the event. These are also just examples! We would love to hear from anyone that is interested in joining us on the day of the event. Please complete the form below and our community Coordinator, Brooke Seeger, will be in touch!