We’ve created this landing page to easily copy and paste the visual and text to help spread the word about the 18th Annual Build a House…Build a Dream Contest for 5th Graders! If you have any questions please email our Community Services Coordinator, Brooke Seeger, at brooke@hfhcc.org.

Text information for the event:

Calling all 5th graders in the Delaware Valley area! We are pleased to announce the 19th Annual Build a House Build a Dream Contest will be held in person this year.

In this competition, students work individually or in teams to build their own three-dimensional, model dream home which they then bring on the day of the contest for judging by professional architects, engineers, and builders. Over the years, houses have been fashioned from recycled materials, tree trunks, pencils, and pasta. Students are only limited by their creativity! All participants receive recognition for their efforts and the top winners earn prizes. The goal of the event is to raise awareness of the need for affordable housing and funds for local Habitat homebuilding programs for low-income families in the Delaware Valley.

If you have any questions after looking through the information, please contact Brooke Seeger, Community Programs Director, at brooke@hfhcc.org.

Visual for you to use (right click and save the image to use where you’d like!):