Our Partnership With Help Build Hope

We are excited to announce our partnership with Help Build Hope, Lima United Methodist Church, and Covenant United Methodist Church! Help Build Hope will provide lumber for the walls of our phase 5 homes in West Grove, PA. We are so grateful to have support from local partnerships like Help Build Hope. Together, we can strengthen the community by building affordable and safe homes. To learn more about Help Build Hope, our partnership event, and our mission at Habitat for Humanity of Chester County, keep reading!

Help Build Hope

Help Build Hope is a unique program within the parent company CrossRoads Missions. The Help Build Hope program works with organizations like ours to provide walls for affordable housing projects. Their mantra is, “We build frame walls by building partnerships, building relationships, building community, and building homes, bringing the event to your organization’s parking lot.” The walls provided by Help Build Hope allow our organization here at Habitat for Humanity to reduce costs and complete the construction of our Habitat homes quicker for families in need. This unique partnership between Habitat for Humanity and Help Build Hope fosters a loving community by providing first-time homeownership opportunities quickly and efficiently. To learn more about Help Build Hope, please visit www.helpbuildhope.com

Our Partnership

Our partnership with Help Build Hope will contribute to constructing 40 homes at our site in West Grove, PA. The construction of our Habitat homes takes place in phases, and within each phase, a set of 5 homes is constructed. Help Build Hope will provide lumber for the walls of our phase 5 West Grove homes. This event will take place the weekend of September 23rd-25th, 2022. By Friday, September 23rd all lumber materials will be delivered to the Lima United Methodist Church parking lot to prepare for the lumber cut process. On the afternoon of Friday the 23rd, the lumber will be cut, stacked, and marked by volunteers to prepare for the build on Saturday. On Saturday the 24th, volunteers will construct the first floor of five homes in the church parking lot. On Sunday, the 25th, a church service will be held at Lima United Methodist Church to sign and dedicate the walls of these new homes. After worship, the final walls will be loaded onto the Help Build Hope truck and taken to West Grove, PA, where our volunteers will use them to build a set of townhouses for people in our region who need safe and secure housing. Providing and dedicating these walls to new homeowners is a beautiful process made possible by our partnership with Help Build Hope and the valiant efforts of all volunteers involved. We are so thankful for the many people supporting our affordable housing mission. To learn more about becoming a Habitat homeowner, visit https://hfhcc.org/homeownership/

West Grove Construction 

As previously mentioned, the construction of our Habitat homes takes place in phases. The Kitchen cabinets for our phase 3 homes are delivered, and framing for our phase 4 homes is moving right along! Exterior doors and windows have been delivered for our phase 4 homes this month and are ready for installation. The progress of our phase 4 houses in West Grove over the past few months appears here. We are excited to make extensive progress in the next few months on our phase 5 homes, thanks to the support from our partners at Help Build Hope. To learn more about getting involved on the construction site, visit https://hfhcc.org/volunteer/.

Support Our Mission 

We at Habitat for Humanity of Chester County believe every family deserves a comfortable, safe, affordable home. Every volunteer, donor, and supporter makes a difference in the lives of a family in need. To learn more about our mission at Habitat for Humanity and how to get involved with our organization, please visit www.hfhcc.org

Back To School And Homeownership

Back-to-school season is upon us! During this hectic time of shopping for new clothes, school supplies, college dorm rooms, and more, many take for granted having a place to call home at the end of the day when classes have ended. Homeownership plays a significant role in educational success and should not be overlooked. Having a place to call home fosters feelings of security, happiness, and confidence. Though back to school is usually associated with frantic preparation and shopping, this season, we invite you to slow things down and take a moment to reflect upon homeownership’s role in successful education. We want to thank you for supporting our cause so that each child can have a place to call home after school. 

Education Success Rates

Housing does not automatically lead to better educational outcomes, but it does lay the foundation for emotional stability, increased engagement, and motivation to succeed. Impacts associated with homeownership and education success tend to be stronger for low-income households and are specifically crucial to early childhood development and children’s initial success rates in school. Being raised in an encouraging and safe physical environment allows children and parents alike to feel happier and more willing and able to achieve. Not worrying about external living factors increases focus on learning and participating in extracurricular activities. Research shows that children in owner-occupied homes have a 70% greater chance of high school graduation. (IZA World of Labor). 

Habitat Housing Program

Our mission at Habitat for Humanity is to make affordable homeownership opportunities available for everyone, especially low-income families in need. Through our housing program, partnering families are responsible for paying a mortgage for their homes in addition to completing “sweat equity” hours on the construction site. Families that apply to our homeownership program are dedicated to our process and excited for the opportunity to become homeowners. Habitat families who have completed our homeownership program are thankful for a place to call home and proud to provide a home for their children. 

Habitat Homeowners

Welcoming families into their brand new Habitat homes is always a special moment. For many families, it is their first time being a homeowner. Two families currently in our program are the Gleh family and the Wah family! They are both on their way to becoming homeowners at our Cambria Terrace Development in Coatesville, PA. 

Amos Wah, Annie Wah, and their daughter Precious expressed that their living conditions before Habitat were expensive and stressful, as they are a low-income family. “When we got the letter that we were qualified for the homeownership program, we were so happy beyond words,” says Amos. Amos expressed that the education requirements and the sweat equity program benefit his family as first-time homeowners. Amos looks forward to the final moments leading up to his family entering their new home.

Kebeh Gleh is a single mother of two children, Amos and Cheryl Zalzay. Before applying to the Habitat housing program, Kebeh and her children lived in her sister’s home with her husband and children. Three adults and four kids in a two-bedroom apartment had posed many issues with space and sharing common areas. When sleeping, Kebeh and her two children would lay horizontally rather than vertically to fit in the bed. Kebeh was very excited and eager about her application to Habitat and checked in each day regarding her application status.

“It is a beautiful experience and a great opportunity to tell people that we are homeowners. Having our own sleeping place is a feeling that life, hope, joy, peace, self-confidence, and values have been restored. I feel so excited about completing these homeowner requirements, and I am willing to participate to the fullest. My children and I are looking forward to a better and brighter future with the help and support of Habitat to bring our dream to reality.” – Kebeh Gleh.

Support Our Mission

There are many ways to participate in our Habitat for Humanity of Chester County mission. You can get involved directly with Habitat or at our Habitat ReStores. All proceeds from shopping at the ReStores benefit our construction of Habitat homes. We are always looking for construction volunteers, ReStore volunteers, corporate builds, and more! If you want to get involved, there is something for everyone at Habitat for Humanity of Chester County, and every donation counts! To learn more about how to get involved, visit our website: hfhcc.org

Source: https://wol.iza.org/articles/does-homeownership-affect-education-outcomes/long 

The Square Foot Club

At Habitat for Humanity of Chester County, you can make a big impact with a small monthly donation.The Square Foot Club is a unique group of donors who make an impact all year long through monthly donations. These generous donations keep our operations steadily sustained throughout the year and allow us to grow as an organization and help more people. We are so grateful for any and all support and donations. To learn more about the Square Foot Club and our mission at Habitat for Humanity of Chester County, keep reading.


Our goal at Habitat for Humanity of Chester County is to ensure that homeownership is available for all. We partner with families and individuals to build affordable homes. We believe that everyone deserves a decent home and we are here to help the people of our community attain that goal. There are more ways to volunteer and get involved with Habitat than just building homes. You can donate, volunteer, shop at our ReStores, and so much more! To learn more about our mission and how to get involved, visit us online.

Why Donate To Habitat?

In the United States, it is not feasible to own even a one-bedroom apartment while working full-time for minimum wage. At Habitat for Humanity, we believe in the freedom that homeownership brings to each and every individual and family. The need for affordable housing is innumerable and the lasting effect it can have on families is awe-inspiring. Our core mission is to provide a world where everyone has access to affordable and good-quality housing.

By providing individuals with a safe and affordable home, we help set them up for a successful future. Quality housing and a positive home life powerfully affect a child’s development. Studies show that children who live in safe and affordable homes are more likely to thrive in school, health, and overall happiness. Studies from the World Health Organization show that families without decent housing face greater personal and environmental risks, are less nourished, and have less access to health care. By providing access to lower-cost housing, families are better able to pay bills on time, build savings, and invest in education and the economy. It is truly a powerful cyclical process to end poverty, provide greater world health, and boost economic health. You can help break the cycle of poverty by joining the Square Foot Club today!

Why Donate Monthly?

The Square Foot Club consists of small monthly payments toward affordable housing for low-income families. We provide a tailored approach to fit any budget. Remember, even small amounts can make a big impact on the lives of others. This is a hassle-free program that occurs automatically each month after signing up. You can change your monthly donation amount or cancel your monthly donation at any time. It is an honor to be a part of an organization that makes a huge difference in the lives of community members. We are so grateful for each and every Square Foot Club member that assists us in making a difference daily. 

Join Today

You can make a distinguished difference in ending poverty and providing access to affordable housing. To learn more about Habitat for Humanity of Chester County and the Square Foot Club, visit us online. Join the Square Foot Club today to make an immense difference in the lives of others!